Youth Girls Grand Final Match Report


A slow start to the first half ended up costing the Youth Girls squad in their Interleague Grand Final as they lost to the Yarra Football League by 19 points.

Yarra jumped out to a quick start when they capitalised on all of their forays forward kicking four goals straight in the first quarter. At the other end however the South East Juniors group wasn’t so fortunate and squandered a couple of golden opportunities in front of goal to head into the first break with a solitary point on the scoreboard.

From the first bounce though, Georgia Goulay, the team’s captain was manic with her attack on the ball. SEJ’s leader appeared wherever the ball seemed to be  and could have contracted leather poisoning – so often did she have the ball in her hands. Whether it be waiting under a high ball to take a brave mark, running from one 50 metre arc to deliver into another or winning the ball in the congestion her presence was ubiquitous.

They began to steady the ship in the second quarter and managed to match Yarra on the scorecard. The managed to go into the half time break without having inflicted any further scoreboard damage.

Similar to the second quarter, the third term was played to a stalemate between the two sides with the highlight being a beautiful goal from Amber Dixon. In what was the goal of the day, Dixon gathered the ball in the pocket and managed a goal on the run, whilst she was being pushed to the ground from an acute angle. It was one of her two goals for the day, Dixon and Courtney Jones were the only SEJ goal scorers with two apiece.

After conceding the first goal of the final quarter it appeared that the girls had finally run out of steam and the 31-point margin was beyond their reach. However, South East wouldn’t be denied without putting up a fight and they kicked the next to goals to bring the margin to a manageable 19 points.

Unfortunately for the South East Juniors that is where the run stopped, as they weren’t able to chip away at the lead any further in the time remaining.

If the first quarter scores were wiped then the South East Juniors would have won  as they outscored Eastern over the final three quarters, however, as any coach will tell you: four quarters of football wins football games, no less.

It was a valiant effort by the group to bounce back after the first quarter but in the end they didn’t cost themselves too big a handicap to start the game. The consistent South East Juniors Youth Girls squad has now played in four of the past five Interleague Grand Finals as our girls continue to shine on the big stage.