A few of SEJ shots from the 2015 Victorian Metro Championships.

SEJ Victorian Metro Championships weekend wrap-up


How did the SEJ teams in the final two rounds of the 2015 Victorian Metro Junior Championships held over the long weekend?


SEJ has got a round-up from the action-packed weekend of footy covering all of our teams. 



Youth Girls


Round 2


In the round 2 match against the South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL), the SEJ girls dominated the forward pocket every quarter, with the goalkeepers’ flags’ waving frequently across the pitch. In the third quarter, the SMJFL girls managed to keep our girls subdued, scoring their only goal for the game. But the SEJ girls strengthened and managed to secure the win by an impressive 114 points. 


Our grand goal tally was boosted by the fine footwork of Brooke Struylaart and Courtney Jones, both of whom kicked four goals.


Cassandra Rowe was consistent across the ground for the whole match and received the Best On Ground award.  



Final Score Round 2

South East Juniors: 18.14.122

South Metro Junior Football League: 1.2.8



Round 3


More windy conditions awaited our girls for their match against Northern Football League (NFL).


Coming off their two wins, this game was for a spot in the grand final. Playing against the wind, the girls got off to a great start, leading by 1.7.13 to 0 at the quarter break, pushing that further to 39-0 at the half.

With Coach Chloe McMillan telling the girls at half time to slow down and further control the play, the team were looking strong going into the final half. 


NFL couldn’t score when they got to the goal square, kicking three behinds and trailing SEJ by 42 points at three quarter time. SEJ managed to seal the game, winning by 75 points. 


Again Courtney Jones was strong down at the goals, scoring 4 goals for the match. Emily Browning received the Best On Ground. 


The Youth Girls team finished second on the ladder after their three straight wins due to percentage. The girls will play in the Grand Final against Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) on Saturday May 20, 10am at Central Reserve, Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.


Final Score Round 3 

South East Juniors: 10.19.79

Northern Football League: 0.4.4



U14 Division 1


Round 2


Saturday’s round of games against the NFL saw the U14s and U15s face off against an impressive outfit from Northern. 


The U14 Div 1 side had a tough first quarter, not registering a score with NFL having 9 shots at goal, getting three of them through the middle. SEJ managed to surge in the second quarter, scoring 3.1 and keeping Northern to only 1.1 for the quarter.

After the break, NFL came back hitting hard, scoring 5.5 in an impressive quarter of footy. SEJ managed to score 3.1 for the last two quarters through some exciting play, but it was Northern who managed to use their opportunities and score for the match. The U14 Div 1 side were defeated by 42 points.  


Declan Mcbean scored two of SEJ six goals, while Samuel Merrick was awarded best on ground. 


Final Score Round 2

South East Juniors: 6.2.38 

Northern Football League: 11.14.80



Round 3


The U14s and 15s faced Riddell District Football League (RDFL) after their Saturday matches against NFL. 


The U14 Div 1 game was fought in windy conditions, making it difficult to hit the scoreboard. At half time the SEJ side were in front, leading RDFL by 7 points going into the break. But as the wind dissipated, RDFL surged, scoring 5.3 to SEJ 1.1 heading into the final term. 


In the end, SEJ couldn’t match the fierce competition RDFL were putting up, going down by eight points. 


Cody Weightman, who previously received a Best On Ground award for round one, scored three goals for the match. Jarryd Barker was awarded the Best On Ground.



Final Score Round 3

South East Juniors: 8.10.58 

Riddell District Football League: 10.6.66


The U14 Div 1 team finished fourth on the ladder. 




U14 Division 2


Round 2


The U14 Division 2 side played a tough game of football against NFL. The SEJ boys managed to play competitively throughout the game using the gusty conditions to their advantage, only being down by 38 at half-time.


But after the half-time break, the boys couldn’t match the lightning pace of the NFL, who kicked away in the third. NFL won the hard-fought game by 102 points. 


Riley Hollis, Jordan Osbourne and Cooper Preace scored the three goals for the game apiece, with Dylan Mutimer receiving the best on ground. 



Final Score Round 2

South East Juniors: 3.0.18

Northern Football League: 17.18.120 



Round 3

In the U14 Div 2 round three match, it was a nerve-wracking game for both sides. The match was tightly contested straight from the first bounce, with SEJ only leading by seven points at the half-time break. A quiet third quarter by RDFL allowed SEJ to score 2.3 to 0.1 in the third to lead the play heading to the final quarter. RDFL weren’t going to go down without a fight, kicking four goals to one in the final quarter. SEJ managed to hold onto to the victory by three points. 


Connor Olsson, who led the charge down at the goals, kicking two for the match, was also awarded best on ground. 



Final Score Round 3

South East Juniors: 6.9.45

Riddell District Football League: 6.6.42 


The U14 Division 2 team finished third on the ladder. 



U15 Division 1


Round 2


The U15 Div 1 side played a tight contest against the U15 Div 1 NFL side. After leading by four points at quarter time, the game looked promising with SEJ playing competitively. With a 10-point margin in NFL’s favour at the half-time break, things were getting heated for the last half of the match. 


After an impressive five-goal blitz by the SEJ side, the boys were ahead by 10 leading into the final term. A terrific game of football by both sides resulted in a tense final quarter, with the NFL team defeating SEJ by seven points. 


Riley Boland, who scored 3 goals for SEJ and played an impressive game down in the forward pocket, was also awarded best on ground for the match. 


Final Score Round 2

South East Juniors: 14.7.91

Northern Football League: 14.14.98



Round 3


The U15 Div 1 team had a great start to their day of footy, leading by 41 to 0 by the first quarter. However RDFL managed some impressive moves on the pitch, notching up 4.1 to 2.1 in the second term. Although SEJ controlled the match for most of the match until the last quarter, where again RDFL were able to get onto the scoreboard and register three goals to SEJ’s one behind. 


Overall the U15 Div 1 maturity and exemplary play allowed them to control the game and keep RDFL from overtaking them for the match, winning by 33 points. 


Both Matthew Ryan and Benjamin Marson scored three goals for the game. Jackson Nolan was awarded the Best On Ground. 



Final Score Round 3

South East Juniors: 11.10.76

Riddell District Football League: 7.1.43


The U15 Division 1 team finished third on the ladder. 




U15 Division 2


Round 2


The U15s started were quiet for the first half of their match against Northern for the second round. The first quarter was low scoring, but SEJ couldn’t match the kicking power of NFL for the second quarter. SEJ were down by 27 points at the half-time break.

Although the SEJ boys came out refreshed and ready to put some pressure on Northern, NFL’s skills down in the forward 50 were too much for SEJ. The third quarter saw some great work from the SEJ, kicking 3.3 for the quarter, but Northern managed to seal the win by 16 points. SEJ got within a 10 point margin for the final term, but couldn’t catch up to Northern.


David Hunter scored three goals for the match and Joute Andrew was the Best On Ground.  



Final Score Round 2

South East Juniors: 8.7.55

Northern Football League: 10.11.71



Round 3


The U15 Div 2 side was a constantly changing game. The U15 Div 2 side came down from an 11-point difference from the first quarter to be up by 11 going into the long break. Riddell surged in the third quarter, outrunning the SEJ by 7 points into the final term. 


A hard fought final quarter saw SEJ come back against RDFL, wining the match by 12 points. SEJ Jackson Berry was kept kicking goals down at the goal square notching seven goals for the match. Jack Glen received the Best On Ground. 



Final Score Round 3

South East Juniors: 11.9.75

Riddell District Football League: 10.3.63


The U15 Division 2 team also finished third on the ladder.