Who can become an umpire?

Anyone can become an umpire – there is no barrier - Old or young, male or female. You may wish to use umpiring as way to get fit, earn extra money – whatever your motivation, get involved with South East Juniors Umpiring.

If you love the game of football, umpiring can be the perfect way to get involved.  

Full training and induction provided?

South East Juniors Umpiring offers a structured fitness and training program that will keep you not only in top physical condition and on top of the Laws of the Game – you will enjoy it with others.

South East Juniors offers opportunities in all disciplines of umpiring including Field, Boundary and Goal.

Coaching is delivered by a group of qualified Coaches and mentors who will assist you in your improvement as an umpire.

Great environment?

South East Juniors Umpiring offers a family friendly environment with social activities organised throughout the year. All functions at the South East Juniors are Alcohol and Smoke free, with all Coaches, and Umpires (over 18 years of age) undergoing a WWC Check.

Meet new people and experience a different side of life.

Great stepping stone!

South East Juniors Umpiring offers a great pathway for umpires wishing to challenge and progress themselves. Opportunities to Umpire Finals and Representative Football are encouraged and with strong relationships with Senior Competitions you could be soon umpiring senior football.

Umpiring can improve your confidence and help you to make quick decisions whilst under pressure. You will develop your communication skills which will assist you in your day to day life.

All umpires get paid. Payments range between $27 to $70.00. There are no Membership Fees or any deductions.   

Umpiring is a great way to meet friends, improve your fitness and your skills and experience a whole new, fantastic world within footy.

What a great way to experience the best game on earth.

Are you ready to take up the Challenge?